Live Music @ Balgowlah RSL - Balgowlah RSL
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Live Music @ Balgowlah RSL

Live Music @ Balgowlah RSL

Balgowlah RSL offers live music Thursday to Sunday in The Gold Bar & The Wine Room. With a large selection of artists playing throughout the month you can relax and enjoy the wide variety of artists on show.

Read the artists bio:         Gold Bar         The Wine Room

Thursday, 29 November 20187pm-10pmGold BarLloyd Bowen Duo
Friday, 30 November 20186:30pm-9:30pmGold BarJack Derwin
Friday, 30 November 20186:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomAdrian Joseph
Saturday, 1 December 20186pm-10pmGold BarChar Rose
Sunday, 2 December 20183pm-7pmGold BarMark Henderson
Thursday, 6 December 20187pm-10pmGold BarJoey Talem
Friday, 7 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmGold BarJack Evans
Friday, 7 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomAlex Roussos
Saturday, 8 December 20186pm-10pmGold BarDennis Val
Sunday, 9 December 20183pm-7pmGold BarGJ Donovan
Thursday, 13 December 20187pm-10pmGold BarCath & Him
Friday, 14 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmGold BarGrace Fuller
Friday, 14 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomMark Henderson
Saturday, 15 December 20186pm-10pmGold BarPeter Kinch
Sunday, 16 December 20183pm-7pmGold BarBel Woods
Thursday, 20 December 20187pm-10pmGold BarShow Pony
Friday, 21 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmGold BarLloyd Bowen
Friday, 21 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomAlex Roussos
Saturday, 22 December 20186pm-10pmGold BarAntoine
Sunday, 23 December 20183pm-7pmGold BarGJ Donovan
Thursday, 27 December 20187pm-10pmGold BarEric Lewis Duo
Friday, 28 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmGold BarSteve Tonge
Friday, 28 December 20186:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomLachy Hamilton
Saturday, 29 December 20186pm-10pmGold BarMark Broughton
Sunday, 30 December 20183pm-7pmGold BarPaul Winn
Monday, 31 December 20188:30pm-12:30pmGold BarOutlier
Thursday, 3 January 20197pm-10pmGold BarDonovans
Friday, 4 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmGold BarAlex Roussos
Friday, 4 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomJack Derwin
Saturday, 5 January 20196pm-10pmGold BarEric Lewis
Sunday, 6 January 20193pm-7pmGold BarEmad Younan
Thursday, 10 January 20197pm-10pmGold BarBack to Back
Friday, 11 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmGold BarAdrian Joseph
Friday, 11 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomDanielle Lamb
Saturday, 12 January 20196pm-10pmGold BarKeith Armitage
Sunday, 13 January 20193pm-7pmGold BarEric Lewis
Thursday, 17 January 20197pm-10pmGold BarCath & Him
Friday, 18 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmGold BarJenny Marie
Friday, 18 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomAndrew McLachlan
Saturday, 19 January 20196pm-10pmGold BarAlex Roussos
Sunday, 20 January 20193pm-7pmGold BarKeith Armitage
Thursday, 24 January 20197pm-10pmGold BarShow Pony
Friday, 25 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmGold BarAntoine
Friday, 25 January 20196:30pm-9:30pmThe Wine RoomJenny Marie
Saturday, 26 January 20196pm-10pmGold BarAdrian Joseph
Sunday, 27 January 20193pm-7pmGold BarKeith Armitage
Thursday, 31 January 20197pm-10pmGold BarLloyd Bowden Duo

Thursday to Sunday


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