$10,000 Must be Won - Balgowlah RSL
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$10,000 Must be Won

$10,000 Must be Won every month!

Make sure you’re in the club from 6pm for your chance to win!*

For more chances to win, visit the club on any Thursday night and swipe your membership card at the rewards kiosk to receive a bonus must be won ticket. On “Must be Won” nights make sure to place your ticket(s) in the barrel.

If the $10,000 is won prior to the 9pm draw, we will draw from the barrel at 10pm for a chance to win $2,000.

Maximum of $12,000 will be given away on any Must be Won Night.

$5,000 Members Draw

$5,000 Members draw  every Thursday night (excluding must be won nights). Be here in the Club from 6pm for a chance to win.*

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Draw Times

6:30PM | 7:30PM | 8:30PM |9:00PM

Must Be Won Draw Times

6:30pm | 7:30pm | 8:30pm | 8:45pm | 9:00pm
Every 10min after until 10:00pm.

If there is no winner by 10:00pm tickets will be drawn from the barrel until there is a winner.


$10,000 on the Last Thursday of Every Month

Chance to win $5,000 every Thursday (excluding must be won nights)

Must Be Won Dates

March 25
April 29
May 27
June 24
July 29
August 26
September 30
October 28
November 25
December 30 TBA