Half Off Renewals - Balgowlah RSL
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Half Off Renewals

Membership renewal prices are 50% off for the rest of the year.

1 Year for $6 $3
5 Years for $20 $10 + receive $30 in club points*

How early can I renew?

3 months prior to expiry (date shown on your membership card).

How late can I renew?

3 months after expiry (date shown on your membership card).
If you do not renew within 3 months of expiry you will have to rejoin as a new member.

If you accidentally renew too soon/late we will refund your
renewal payment as the renewal will not be processed†

†Refund will be the cost of the renewal minus the 50c ticket fee.

Please note, if your membership card says 2020 you will expire in the same month of 2021 as we extended all 2020 memberships for 1 year free of charge due to Covid closure’s last year.