COVID Entry Policy - Balgowlah RSL
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COVID Entry Policy


The Club Directors have unanimously voted to remain closed after 15th December 2021 to unvaccinated people over 16 years of age, unless they have medical documentation preventing them from being vaccinated. This will extend the ‘vaccinated only’ restrictions for one month until a review of the situation on 15th January 2022.

Balgowlah RSL Club and many other clubs have decided to hold off until late January 2022 before opening to the unvaccinated community. Currently there are 10 clubs on the Northern Beaches and many clubs across Sydney and NSW which have recently come to this decision.

NSW Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard stated, “I think the licensed clubs’ decision is very sensible. My view as Health Minister is that we are still smack in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and businesses have to make sensible decisions to protect their staff and their patrons”.

​​​​​​​COVID-19 is Not Eradicated.
Victoria has opened up and is still recording over 1,000 new cases daily. They have removed all restrictions for vaccinated people but people who are not vaccinated in Victoria are now restricted from entering cafes, bars, clubs and even retail venues.

Europe has had an ‘open’ summer and now they are looking at lockdowns and curfews again. New cases in Europe for one day, yesterday: United Kingdom 44,000; France 36,000; Germany 57,000. This is not over yet.

COVID Safety
The NSW government has left this decision up to individual businesses and we have decided to be conservative and keep our Club safe for members and employees.

It is the Club’s responsibility and non-delegable duty to minimise risk to employees in the workplace. Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2022(NSW) and in general law, it is the Club’s responsibility to make decisions that, to the best of our ability, maintain a safe working environment for our employees and for our patrons. ​​​​​​​

Many Members have commended the Club for working diligently to maintain a safe COVID environment over nearly two years and we are not ready to drop the ball yet.

COVID Vaccination Policy

  • Our Club will hold off on permitting entry to unvaccinated adults over the age of 16 years, unless they have documented medical reasons for not vaccinating.
  • All our employees are fully vaccinated.
  • All new employees will be vaccinated as a condition of employment.


I know there will be strong feedback about this decision but I ask that comments are calm, civil and professional. I also ask that feedback is directed to me and not to our hardworking employees.

Best wishes,

Hendrik Visser
Chief Executive Officer

Des McAteer
Club President


Your safety is our priority. 
For more information please visit NSW Health.