COVID-19 Club Updates - Balgowlah RSL
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COVID-19 Club Updates


Everyone must use the hand sanitizers at the entrance. There are 40 hand sanitizers throughout the club.

Everyone must provide their contact details before entering.

Everyone will be temperature checked at reception. It takes 3 seconds.

Anyone presenting with cold-like symptoms will not be permitted to enter.


The Club has a team of cleaning and social distancing ‘Marshalls’ who will constantly be cleaning surfaces throughout the Club

The 1.5m social distancing rule requires that people can only sit together if they are from the same household. This is the LAW and the members are asked to respect these laws.

Patronage is restricted to 50 people per dining area. The Bistro normally seats 200 people.

Patronage is restricted by the 4m rule, meaning many rooms will have far less than 50 people.